Well Abandonment

SCVF & Gas Migration

Downhole Well Abandonment Project

This report looks at both the minimum length of an in casing cement plug required to withstand 7000 kPa in a pressure balanced test design, and an evaluation of cement strength using neat Class G hydrated in different wellbore fluid environments.

Eutectic Salt Replacement for Cement in Oil and Gas Well Abandonments

The possible utility of the eutectic salt as a replacement for cement in well abandonments.

Methane Emissions – Human And Ecological Health Risk Based Ranking And Prioritization Tool

There is need for a methodology that can be used to rank wells in terms of risk potential and thus timeliness for mitigation

Identifying, Characterizing and Addressing Soil and Groundwater Issues related to SCVF and Other Types of Natural Gas Migration

Improving the understanding of the impacts of surface casing vent flows. Gas migration from wellbores is a potentially significant liability and cost issue that requires greater technical understanding of causal mechanisms and potential environmental impacts.

Fluid Mechanic causes of Gas Migration

This project proposes an in depth study of those physical causes related to fluid mechanic issues, with the aim of improving physical understanding in the industry.

Investigate the potential for surface casing vent flow/groundwater migration issues

The identification of the set of tools that comprise the best approach to understand the presence/absence and source of GM, in addition to the depth and flux of stray gases will assist in designing appropriate and effective remediation.

Mitigating low volume methane emissions

Provide an updated technology scan of commercial technologies, revisit research on the top two technologies, and determine which would be the most likely to succeed that is at a technical readiness level suitable for commercial validation.