Emissions Reduction

Dehydration Units

Auxiliary Burner System in Glycol Dehydration Units

This system has proven that it is a reliable technology that can be used by Operators to virtually eliminate the BTEX vented emissions from Glycol dehydrators.

Canadian Upstream Oil and Gas Eco-Efficiency Equipment and Operations Handbook

Showcases a collection of commercially-demonstrated products and practices available for the Canadian oil and gas industry.

Petroleum Emissions Management Accelerator

An opportunity exists to reduce the emissions associated with upstream oil and gas facilities using new market-ready technologies.

Analysis and Reporting of a Trial of GasPro Compression BTEX VRU for Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction

The major challenge in reducing emissions from dehydration systems is designing systems to capture the gas from the flash tank vent and still column (glycol regenerator) overheads.